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Floral Arranging

Before you read this section, we want you to know - if it's in the budget to work on all flower arrangements with a professional florist, we strongly urge you to do so!  Using a professional florist means that you're covered in the event of an emergency (and flowers can frequently cause an "emergency"). Here are some examples:

  • If your flowers don't ship as planned, a professional florist has connections to replace them quickly with something similar, and still fit your styling wants.  

  • They're fully knowledgeable about what flowers will be readily available during your wedding season - often suggesting what will be most cost effective, and still give the look you want.   

  • They also know the most about prepping fresh cut flowers, so they will last your whole wedding day!  We've seen peonies lose all their petals from heat exposure, or hydrangeas wilt from lack of water.  A professional florist knows how to avoid these things.

We really can't say enough good things about working with a professional florist!  We want you to know that WE ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL FLORISTS.  We don't pretend to call ourselves floral designers, and we absolutely LOVE the floral designers we work with!  But we also understand the need to stretch a budget where possible.  If you book the Signature Event by Autumn, we can work directly with wholesalers, and you'll end up purchasing flowers at a discounted rate.  Then we'll do minimal arranging on your behalf.  

Our floral arranging skills are admittedly limited, and we only create "hand picked" looking arrangements.  We DO NOT style bouquets or boutonnieres, but local florists often collaborate with us to do the more styled pieces.  This helps give your wedding a seamless look, but shaves off a little bit of money from the floral budget.  Again, we don't recommend this in most cases, but for certain styles of weddings, it can be a good alternative.

Photo courtesy of Green Door Photography

Photos courtesy of Green Door Photography, Stella Kelsie Photography, Marianne Wiest Photography, Johanna B photography, and Mighty Fine Photography, Terry Cyr Photographer, SeaLight Studios Photography, and David Clumpier Photography.

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