MADE by Autumn



Events by Autumn owns + builds a variety of custom decorations for weddings + events.  Because we're wedding planners first + foremost, we reserve rentals for existing planning clients - meaning we will not offer rentals on any dates we already have a planning client booked.  (So book a planning package to secure your rentals too!). Otherwise, we open for rentals beginning on January first of the same year as the wedding or event. Spending minimums do apply.

When you book rentals with us, any items you rent will be delivered, set up + torn down BY us.  

If you'd like us to create custom decorations or signage for your wedding, and you're not a planning client, or you're a Basic Full Service Planning client, retail prices will apply, and we will contract any custom work.  


All rental clients will receive a separate contract + invoice for rentals, and payment is due a MINIMUM 10 days before your wedding.  Signature Event by Autumn clients are billed for custom decor following the wedding.

A note to Signature Event by Autumn clients - "rental fees" do not apply to any items we already own.  Meaning most of the items shown on this site will be complimentary to you!  There are some instances where we need to cover the cost of cleaning, additional labor, or repainting items to customize to your needs.  Those instances are marked with a *.  We will supplement as much of this decor into your design as possible, to save you money.  But on the other hand, we're designers at heart, and don't want any of our weddings to look the same - so we'll supplement where it's right, and suggest other rentals when it's not.  If we purchased items on your behalf, we'll work to get you the most discounted rate possible, and we retain the items following the wedding.  If we build custom decor pieces for your wedding, those will be created at the cost of materials, and we will also keep these decor items following the wedding.  Our inventory is constantly growing, and this page will be updated yearly.