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The Wedding Day "Emergency Kit"

We take our slogan “reduce your stress and not your expectations” very seriously. We feel strongly that part of reducing stress is helping cope with any emergencies that may arise, by quickly diffusing them, and moving on. That’s why Events by Autumn provides a bridal “survival kit.” As a planner, this is part of our responsibility to our clients.

In all, the contents include over 100 essential items, and over $300 worth of products. We make sure it’s stocked for every single wedding we work, so you will always have access to a full kit. It contains things like: a complete first aid kit, stain fighting solutions, hygiene items, tape, pins & glue, beauty products, and even a faux diamond ring!

Still want to make your own kit? Let us ask a few questions:

How do you know what to pack?

Trust us that there is no one list online which includes the full contents of what you might need in the event of an emergency! We have created our own kit based on a decade worth of wedding planning experience. To be honest, we looked online as well, but needed to combine over a dozen “complete” emergency kits to create our version.

What are you going to do with these items after the wedding is over?

Just as an example, we provide all colors of bobby pins in the kit. Your bridesmaids may need a few pins to repair an up-do at some point during the evening. Granted, it’s only a few dollars for a bunch of bobby pins, but if you’re a blonde, what are you going to do with 500 black bobby pins after the wedding day? It does add up quickly when you’re talking about 100+ different items.

What kind of “emergencies” would you prepare for?

I’ve seen the best man forget his socks when he packed his tux; so I now include black dress socks. I’ve seen the groom break his shoelace 20 minutes before ceremony starts; so I now include extra shoelaces. The kit continues to evolve as I see a need for additional items. But the real question is - do you really want to buy all these items “just in case?” Just let us bring the kit and you won’t have to worry about it.

Does your planner provide this?

When comparing planners, you need to look at ALL the services they offer. In addition to all the planning we do, we also provide access to over $300 worth of products, and save you the time required to make your own kit. If your planner doesn’t come prepared to diffuse an “emergency” situation into a “no big deal” situation, what services are they really providing you? The point of a planner is to make the wedding run smoothly. Yes, that includes managing vendors, setting up, and running the timeline, but it also includes being prepared AND equipped to handle any unexpected occurrences on the wedding day too. We are fully prepared and equipped!

Why not save that money and spend it on something else?

What would you do with $300 extra dollars towards your wedding? Why not create baskets of essential items in the restrooms? Or maybe now you can splurge on moving lights from the DJ company, (which we strongly recommend!). Or maybe $300 more will allow you to add prime rib to the menu? There are so many options, but the answer is up to you!

But one thing is for sure – we’ve got a bridal survival kit that’s like no other. Brides and bridesmaids oogle over it when I show them. . . Even vendors love it. It’s flattering when a very successful wedding photographer tells you they’ve never seen anything like it before, and proceeds to take pictures of it! That just means we’re doing something right. And it’s just another reason why we stand out from the rest.

Photo credit: Cake Knife Photography

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