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The Planning Process


Events by Autumn has been planning wedding for over a decade - we've established a process that ensures the least amount of stress on you, and helps guide you through the process in the most logical way.  We're artists, meaning we love visual examples.  So we've created a lot of planning tools which really show you a digital interpretation of what your wedding is going to look like.  Although there will be spreadsheets & checklists too, we wanted to show you an example of how our sketches turn into a real wedding.  Here's an example of our planning tools in use:



Ok, so maybe this isn't the most visually appealing part of your wedding.  But it's the single most important piece.  We ALWAYS start with budget.  Everyone has one - whether it's "big" or "small."

We'll talk about your "must haves," your colors, design dreams, etc., and then Events by Autumn will draft up your first round of the budget.  This budget is custom to you - we're doing the research to plug in accurate figures based on what you wanted. 

Did that first draft blow the budget out of the water?  It happens most of the time!  Your dream wedding costs a lot more than you thought it would?  That's where we come in, and suggest options + substitutions to get you back on budget track, while still delivering the wedding you want.

YOU make the ultimate decisions what to cut from the budget, or what to change.  We're just guiding you through the process.  From here, we'll begin recommending vendors once we know we're in a more comfortable budget range.  We also use this budget as a starting point for custom projects:  linens, decor, stationery, etc.


After our initial consultation, we can also map out what the ceremony + reception layouts are predicted to look like.  We give you a few options to choose from, so it gets your creative juices flowing.  We can play around with a layout until you love it.  And 99% of the time, we'll be updating this layout a month before the wedding date, once your final RSVP headcount rolls in.


The layout maps help you visualize not only the table shapes + sizes of the tables, but it gives you a quantity of  tables needed, shows color blocking (barn wood tables vs. linen covered tables), helps with logistical planning + guest seating assignments.

We make maps for the ceremony + the reception.


Also after our initial consultation (yeah, we do a lot right away!), we begin the graphic design sketches of your table scape!  These drawings are meant to help you creatively visualize what your tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces + place settings look like when set up together.  We start with 3 or 4 table scapes, and as we begin meeting vendors + selecting rentals, we'll narrow the design down to one final table scape.


Because our sketches are simplified representations (more about coloration + shapes), we pair them with a Pinterest board, which will show specifically what the sketches are trying to portray.  When you get your table scape designs, they come with a check list of which specific chairs, linens, plates, glass, etc. we're suggesting.  That will help you when you reference the Pinterest board.

The Pinterest board for this specific wedding can be found HERE.


Admit it.  You've pinned too many things on your Pinterest board.  We've pinned every example of what we were suggesting for you too.  Instead of going through and deleting everything that doesn't apply, we've come up with a better solution.  Mood Boards.

We go through your Pinterest Boards and ours, and created single sheet images for your Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception + floral arrangements.  These are easy to send to vendors, and really give someone a "feel" for what your wedding will be like in a quick glance.

Mood boards are NOT about getting every element from your wedding put onto to paper.  It's coloration, styling, and overall vibe.


Often times, we've set up the tables, chairs, linens, place settings, and it feels like something is missing.  Then the flowers arrive, and it's as if the heavens above opened + angels begin to sing.  It's perfect!!!!  It's exactly what was needed to complete the design.

Again, we're visual people.   So it's helpful for us to SEE what the floral arrangements should look like before we get to the wedding date (and so that what we described above can happen every time!).  So we do very basic sketches, with quantities of each item listed.  

The florist meets with you to talk preferred flower types and minute details like bouquet wrap materials and centerpiece containers.  Then Events by Autumn sketches it out, so we have a loose visual reference for overall shape & color blocking.  So although the sketch doesn't show specific flower types, it helps you get a sense for the overall design plan, and helps the florist visualize also.


With the ever-popular dessert spreads, massive tiered cakes, and lots of dietary needs from guests, we want to make sure we know what's what.  We do a rough sketch of the cake (or desserts), and diagram the layers or flavors.  This sketch ensures we take care of everything in one document.


You can see below how all those sketches above created the following wedding!

Montana Wedding Planner_Events by Autumn

PHOTOGRAPHER: Stella K Photography

FLORIST:  Wildflower Lane

FOOD CATERER:  A Moveable Feast

BEVERAGE CATERER:  The Stock Farm Club

PATISSERIE:  Cakes by Gretchen (at the Mission Bistro)



EVENT RENTALS:  Rustique, Montana Party Time, Oh So Chic Boutique


Made by Autumn decor +

Winter Paper Co. signage & stationery:

  • Invitations + all paper products shown

  • Wedding Arch

  • Gold Card mailbox

  • Custom linens + cocktail napkins

  • Hand made wooden ring bearer "pillow"

  • Barn wood table runners

  • Hay bale couches + pillows

  • Votives & tea lights

  • Centerpiece containers

  • Cake Stands

  • Chalkboard signage

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