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Click below to view more details + information about recent weddings and events we designed + planned!  The weddings featured below were full service planning clients, and each portfolio contains images from their actual wedding day.  Brought to you by Montana wedding planner, Events by Autumn.  


Oh, Styled Shoots, how we love to hate you.  However, in this industry, they're a necessary evil.  
So, what's a Styled shoot?  In short, they're a fake wedding.  We set a stunning table, and dress up a beautiful couple, and have all day to style & take photos!  Styled shoots BETTER turn out gorgeous when you have all day to perfect your shots!  
Why do we do them?  It helps grow our portfolio, lets us express some creative freedoms, and also lets us experiment with decor before trying items in a real wedding scenario.  BUT - we think it's very important to show you what REAL weddings looks like when you book us vs. the false expectations that styled shoots can set.  That's why we've separated our portfolio as we did - we believe in transparency + honesty in our business.
There are plenty of times when client weddings don't necessarily match our own personal style, so we keep inspired and true to ourselves by putting together these inspiration shoots which show off what WE personally like.  As you can see in our portfolio above, we're flexible when it comes to planning & designing - we work hard to style weddings that match what our CLIENTS want!
Enjoy the galleries below, which show a little insight into our own personal style.  Brought to you by Montana wedding planner, Events by Autumn.  


We got our start in event planning, creating elaborate theme parties with half a million dollar budgets.  It was surely trial by fire!  Nowadays, we do a select number of social events a year, for private parties, corporations, and non-profit organizations.  Here are some of our favorites over the years!
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