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There’s nothing quite like a theme party which Autumn has created. When it comes to hiring us, a variety of customizable packages are available. We can strictly design your party, or you can hire us to create the decorations also. There are even options where we plan and coordinate the whole event. The possibilities are endless!   Click on the images below to see a bigger gallery of images from each event.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

DECOR BUDGET:  $30,000.00


GUEST COUNT:  500 People

This was one of my personal favorite parties, as I was able to create a complete underwater experience for the guests!  I started by wrapping an entire hotel ballroom with an "under the sea" themed banner, and my team built a sunken ship "stage" in the center of the room, complete with a crows nest!  We had a live Calypso band on stage, and the lighting projected on the ceiling replicated that of light refracting on the surface of the water.  Each centerpiece contained live fish, and the chairs + flowers resembled bright colors of coral.  I typically enjoy natural tones for my weddings, but themed parties are my opportunity to get wild!

African Safari

DECOR BUDGET:  $50,000.00


GUEST COUNT:  500 People

This event transported guests to the plains of Africa.  With live African dancers as entertainment, and live leopards, guests were quite amused!  Serengeti themed wall murals, cargo net ceiling accents, and orange gobo lighting created a feel of a sunset on the plains.  Wild animal prints on the chairs added a fun touch too.  At this event, 10 keys were given out to lottery winners, and one key started a brand new Hummer.  I created 10 clay keychains in a variety of African animals, which made choosing the key even more exciting!

Chinese New Year

DECOR BUDGET:  $20,000.00

OVERALL EVENT BUDGET:  $300,000.00  

GUEST COUNT:  300 People

When creating a Chinese New Year party, we obviously wanted to make sure the color scheme was majority red.  Since the largest quantity of items in the space were the chairs, we decided that red was the best choice for that element.    With such tall ceilings in the space, we loved the idea of hanging banners, a parade dragon, and chinese paper umbrellas to add visual interest and "close the gap."  We think many people overlook simple items like napkin folds, when it comes to theme parties.  The combination of napkin "fans," placed on top of bamboo placemats, and chopsticks as silverware really  completed the look.

Beach Blanket Bingo (60's Beach Party)

DECOR BUDGET:  $10,000.00


GUEST COUNT:  300 People

This was one of those parties where you dream up an idea, and you're so excited to see it come to fruition!  I wanted to create an indoor sand dance floor, so my guests could dance to the "Beach Boys" on the beach!  This venue was adjacent to a golf course, so we built a 2x4 frame, covered the floor in plastic, and then filled it with sand from the golf course.  Guests had a blast sticking their toes in the sand.

Great Gatsby

DECOR BUDGET:  $1,200.00


GUEST COUNT:  150 People

This party was a challenge on a smaller budget.  I was able to find local contacts with vintage vehicles, who were willing to park vehicles out front to welcome guests.  I also began collecting vintage looking bottles from a local craft cocktail lounge.  I hand made much of the decor for this party to keep the cost low - from centerpieces, to photo props, signage - the small elements that really make a theme party memorable!  Most memorable, however, was the staff's rendition of the Charleston, which I helped choreograph!  I'm proud of how this party became the event to which all other parties for this company were compared.

Polynesian BBQ

DECOR BUDGET:  $800.00


GUEST COUNT:  150 People

This party featured Polynesian Fire dancers, who also taught our party-goers how to hula!  Because of the limited budget, I needed to hand make most of the decor for this party as well.  I lined the entrance to the event with "palm trees" made of brown paper bags (trunk) + old hotel linens (palm fronds).  I also created an 8' tall volcano, which thundered and smoked throughout the event.  A huge "wood" tiki head, whose mouth smoked, and eyes lit up, was set amongst the trees.  Tiki torches surrounded the event too, to enhance the atmosphere.  My personal favorite, however, were the plastic cocktail monkeys, which garnished our tropical beverages!

Vintage Carnival

DECOR BUDGET:  $600.00


GUEST COUNT:  100 People

This party was another challenge.  With a small budget, I really scrounged for materials to keep this on track.  From vintage carnival games as centerpieces, to a red + white "big top" tent covering the outdoor area, and hand drawn signage, this party was a lot of work, but incredibly rewarding.  It's always fun when you have a professional team of vendors who "gets" your vision and are able to further the event with creative food + beverage.

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