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DIY Project - the vintage desk

Well, I am wrapping up building a massive new workspace, which means it's time to part with my old desk. That desk was a fun project, and I'll share how I turned someone else's "junk" into a little treasure.

STEP 1: Sand off that icky old paint. I love my orbital sander. And make sure to wear a mask during projects like this - no telling how old that paint is, or how much lead is in it. Man, this desk was UGLY!

STEP 2: All sanded! I feel much better about this look! Now that all the paint is off, I take my awl and I scratch in lines, cracks, and worm holes all over.

STEP 3: Stain that baby! I chose a really dark color. Once the stain has dried, I coat the whole desk with 3 coats of eurothane. Then add the knobs of your choice! And VOILA! You have a brand new desk (which looks MUCH better than the original desk!)

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