HOW TO: Choose the right linen size

Are linen shapes & sizes driving you insane? We don’t blame you. Sometimes WE even get confused, and linens are a major part of our job! That's why we want to help you, who doesn't look at this every day, in finding an easy solution to measure for the proper linen fit. We'll run through this exercise for rectangle/square tables, and also round. And at the very bottom of our blog, we'll show you how those different shapes lay on the tables.

How to measure a rectangular table for floor-length linens

Rec Linen 1.jpg

We'll start with a rectangular table (as seen here) and you can scroll down for a round table. This is how you calculate the size of a floor-length linen.

Rec Linen 2.jpg

To calculate measurements on your own, you need to convert everything to inches. We’ll do a few table sizes here:

8 feet = 96 inches

6 feet = 72 inches

5 feet = 60 inches

Rec Linen 3.jpg

You need to add the height on both sides of the table. Most banquet tables are 30” tall. So you’re usually adding 60” to your measurements (unless you don’t want a linen to be floor-length).

Rec Linen 4.jpg

Now we're able to calculate the LENGTH:

96 inches + 30 inches + 30 inches = 156” long

You calculate the length for this rectangular table, but now you need to calculate the width.

Rec Linen 5.jpg

Most banquet (rectangular tables) are 30” wide.